Heat Resistant Silicon Gloves For Barbecue & Oven Use



Made For Grilling, Cooking & Baking + Bonus Silicone Brush By Eco Grab – 1 size fit all

  • COMMON NAMES: There are so many different ways that people try and spell or even pronounce these gloves like silicone gloves, BBQ gloves, heat resistant gloves, grilling gloves, cooking gloves, baking gloves, kitchen gloves, oven gloves, Heat Protection gloves, meat gloves, hot food gloves, hot water gloves, hot pot gloves, gloves for frozen food, barbecue gloves, and it’s also good for pets that might bite, and much more…. so if are looking for one of the above our eco grab gloves is your answer.
  • SHARE: Are you invited for dinner or BBQ? Consider ordering one par for yourself and another for a friend or loved one to make a more exciting event. We are very confident that they will love this product that we offer they will remember you whenever they will use them by their BBQ.
  • IT’S NOT JUST ANOTHER GLOVE MADE FROM SILICONE: Just like plastic and rubber has different varieties of thickness and quality, so does the silicone material consist of many special grades and forms, depends on their properties and structure. We have done extensive research to find that just highest grad and best quality build in with the newest technologies, because we wanted to take it a step further. Call us crazy but we do not just want to come in to this cluttered silicone market with yet another low grad silicone glove.
  • YOUR BEST COMPANION WHILE GRILLING COOKING OR BAKING: Fire up your BBQ! Designed exclusively for your hands, rugged yet flexible silicone gloves let you work safely and comfortable grip and maneuver hot utensils, coals, firewood, grill racks, even meats, hot pots, hot water cups, toaster racks, and ironically also works great when handling frozen meat or chunks of ice, protecting your hands from the burning-cold sensation. This is the indispensable kitchen Tool made just for you.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Having clean gloves is important when trying to create the best taste in your foods. to effectively clean, you need easy to clean quality silicone Grilling, Cooking & Baking Gloves. No matter how sticky or greasy they get, our eco grab barbecue and food gloves easily to wash and gets clean by hands and it’s really dishwas