Yellow Heat Resistant Oven Mitts



Liquid Silicone Gloves with Fingers for Barbecue, Baking, Cooking, Cold Insulation, BPA Free, Large

  • LIQUID SILICONE MATERIAL – Our baking gloves are made of liquid silicone, the most advanced materials for oven gloves. CE certificated, in compliance with Resolution ResAP (2004) 5. LANON is THE FIRST COMPANY to bring liquid silicone gloves to the market.
  • HEAT & COLD RESISTANT – Our silicone thermal gloves are cold and heat resistant from -100℉ to 400℉ for a long time operation, up to 570°F for a few seconds touch. Double layer with air insulation liner (CoralAir) reduces the conduction speed of heat. The BBQ gloves protect your hands from severe burns and hot liquids when baking, pot-holding, grilling, as well as handling freezing items from freezers.
  • FOOD GRADE – These cooking gloves are made of non-sticky liquid silicone, BPA free, odorless and non-toxic. The stain-proof surface does not absorb grease, with high stability, easy to clean and donning.
  • FLEXIBLE & NON-SLIP – Liquid silicone gloves with separate fingers provide high dexterity and superior grip on grabbing the greasy food and slippery plates. The anti-skid soft liner is absorbent to moisture and sweat, keeping your hands dry.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – With waterproof coating, our grilling gloves are soft and comfortable to wear, and make holiday dinners easy. Ideal gifts for baking, frying food, grilling, barbecue, catering, cold storage, etc. The solvent-resistant gloves provide a strong barrier and they can withstand powerful solvents like DMF(Dimethylformamide), NMP(N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone). (Yellow/White)